Nov. 29th - Dec. 3rd Weekly Updates: TigerGraph GraphQL Quickstart, Building TigerGraph Mobile Apps with Flutter, TigerGraph NLP Graph with Twitter Data

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Vote for TigerGraph as the Startup of the Year in Redwood City!
TigerGraph is in the running for Startup of the Year in Redwood City by HackerNoon! You can vote here (no log in necessary, just click vote!)

Vote for TigerGraph as the Best DevOps for DataOps/Database Solution
TigerGraph has been nominated as the Best DevOps for DataOps/Database Solution from Devops Dozen 2021. (You can vote here—no log-in necessary!)

:video_camera: Latest How-To Videos

TigerGraph GraphQL Service Quick Start

The TigerGraph GraphQL Service enables users to access graph data in TigerGraph using GraphQL queries. This video by Renchu Song is a quick step-by-step walk-through on how to:

  1. Setting up an example TigerGraph schema and load the sample data to a TigerGraph instance
  2. Running an instance of TigerGraph GraphQL service and connect to the graph in the TigerGraph instance
  3. Running an example GraphQL query against the service
  4. Running an example web application built on top of the service

Refer to this to download the resources needed for the demo.

:writing_hand: Latest Blogs

Building a Mobile Graph-Powered Login and Signup System using Flutter, TigerGraph, and Fast API
In this blog by Shreya Chaudhary, learn how to integrate TigerGraph in Flutter mobile applications.

What is Twitter Thankful for? Leverage TigerGraph and Natural Language Processing to Find Out
In this blog by Shreya Chaudhary, learn how to leverage natural language processing tools with TigerGraph to analyze tweets.

Microblog: Creating a Mini Graph-Powered Dashboard in a Notebook with TigerGraph and Bokeh
In this blog by Shreya Chaudhary, learn how to visualize TigerGraph data in an interactive Bokeh dashboard.

A No-Code Method of Mapping UFO Sightings with TigerGraph’s Geospatial Layout Feature
In this blog by Shreya Chaudhary, learn how to leverage TigerGraph’s newest geospatial layout feature on a custom dataset.

:mega: Events


[Dec. 1] Graph Gurus Webinar Series - TigerGraph 101: Data Acquisition and Graph Prep - Part II
Join part two of a four-part talk on TigerGraph 101 by Dan Barkus .
Part 1 - Intro to Graph and TigerGraph (November 17 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 2 - Data Acquisition and Graph Prep (December 1 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 3 - Schema Modeling and Data Loading (December 15 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 4 - Querying and Beyond (January 5 - 10 AM Pacific)

[Dec. 3] Graph Algorithms and Graph Machine Learning: Making Sense of Today’s Choices
This talk by Dr. Victor Lee provides a description of these four categories of graph analytics, what sort of problems they tackle, their benefits, and their requirements. The explanations will be illustrated with examples for fraud detection, recommendation, supply chain management, and other real-world use cases.

[Nov. 29 - Dec. 3] TigerGraph Booth at AWS re:Invent
In you’re at the AWS re:Invent conference this week, be sure to visit the TigerGraph booth to talk about all things graph!

:bar_chart: Cool Data Sets

US Figure Skating Data - 2020 Regionals Int Ladies
Build a US Figure Skating graph! Which skaters performed the best? Which should we keep an eye out for? Learn this and more through your graph, and maybe even couple it with a dashboard!

Netflix Top 10 Weekly Dataset
Which shows consistently are the most popular? How do show popularity differ both globally and by country? Create a Netflix graph and experiment with TigerGraph’s Graph Data Science Library to build some cool algorithms on top of it.

Fun Fact from Twitter
What are some top Twitter fun facts? Leverage NLP algorithms and graph technology to create a Twitter fun fact graph!

:hammer_and_wrench: Product Updates