Nov. 22nd - 26th Weekly Updates: Graph+AI New York Videos, AMC Stock and Sentiment Analysis Graph, Hardware Accelerated Cosine Similarity with Graph Embeddings, and More!

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:sparkles: Special Announcement

Vote for TigerGraph as the Startup of the Year in Redwood City!
TigerGraph is in the running for Startup of the Year in Redwood City by HackerNoon! You can vote here (no log in necessary, just click vote!)

:video_camera: Latest How-To Videos

Part One of TigerGraph 101 - An Intro to Graph

Watch part one of a four-part series, taught by Dan Barkus, to learn the fundamentals of graph and take advantage of the next frontier for data science and analytics.

Improve Profitability with Google Cloud and TigerGraph

Listen to Dr. Jay Yu, Vice President of Product Innovation at TigerGraph, explain how Intuit, Jaguar Land Rover, UnitedHealth Group, and Xandr (a division of AT&T) are transforming business performance using machine learning and graph analytics.

Graph + AI Summit: TigerGraph Cloud + AWS

Listen to Vikram Vunduru, Partner Engineer at AWS, and Shuo Yang, Head of Cloud at TigerGraph, present how AWS and TigerGraph work together to provide the scalable distributed graph database-as-a-service, based on AWS. The session goes over the high-level architecture and a demo of the TigerGraph cloud portal. At a high level, a universal controller is used to integrate with Terraform templates to provision and control the full TigerGraph stack in AWS.

Graph + AI Summit - What’s Next

In this presentation from Graph+AI in New York, hear from Dr. Jay Yu and Dr. Victor Lee on the future of graph and the democratisation of graph. In the talk, the speakers present an overview of graph and adoption challenges and successes, new capabilities and innovations to accelerate and expand innovation, and graph and machine learning advancements.

:writing_hand: Latest Blogs

Insight into AMC Stock Data with Sentiment Analysis using TigerGraph
In this blog by Ke Xu, create a TigerGraph graph database using Reddit posts and stock data and query and visualize the data with Plotly. Overall, leverage graph technology to determine whether public sentiment influences stock prices.

Hardware Accelerated Cosine Similarity with Graph Embeddings
The need for high-quality and fast recommendations is pervasive across many industries, such as healthcare, retail, and entertainment. These recommendations should be able to take into account diverse sources of data, such as a user’s friends, interests, locations, and more. In this blog by Parker Erickson, learn why TigerGraph is a prime candidate for being able to store this multitude of information about users and perform real-time analysis on it.

:mega: Events


[Nov. 23 - 24] Big Data & AI World France
Ready to take your digital twin knowledge to the next level? Join Christian Raza in his session, ‘Graphe et “Digital Twin.”’


[Dec. 1] Graph Gurus Webinar Series - TigerGraph 101: Data Acquisition and Graph Prep - Part II
Join part two of a four-part talk on TigerGraph 101 by Dan Barkus.
Part 1 - Intro to Graph and TigerGraph (November 17 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 2 - Data Acquisition and Graph Prep (December 1 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 3 - Schema Modeling and Data Loading (December 15 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 4 - Querying and Beyond (January 5 - 10 AM Pacific)

[Dec. 3] Graph Algorithms and Graph Machine Learning: Making Sense of Today’s Choices
This talk by Dr. Victor Lee provides a description of these four categories of graph analytics, what sort of problems they tackle, their benefits, and their requirements. The explanations will be illustrated with examples for fraud detection, recommendation, supply chain management, and other real-world use cases.

:bar_chart: Cool Data Sets

Reddit Vaccine Myths
What do vaccine myths have in common? How does that correlate to the vaccines administered and the number of people getting vaccines? Create a graph database similar to the Insight into AMC Stock Data with Sentiment Analysis using TigerGraph blog to figure out!

AP (College Board) NY School Level Results
How have high school students performed on AP and SAT exams historically based on their location and more? What factors greatly influence test results? Create an exam graph database to figure out!

UFO Sightings
What do UFO sightings have in common? Are there any patterns among UFO sightings? Create a graph database with TigerGraph and leverage tools such as Plotly Dash and Streamlit to create a graph-database-powered UFO dashboard.

:hammer_and_wrench: Product Updates

Upcoming TigerGraph GraphQL Integration!
The new TigerGraph GraphQL integration will be coming out in the next few weeks. We’re looking for a few people excited to be early testers. If you are interested, reply to this update!

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