Nov 1st - 5th Weekly Updates: GSQL Best Practices, How Graph can Save your Life, Upcoming BioDataWorld Conference, and More!

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Vote for TigerGraph as the Startup of the Year in Redwood City!
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Vote for TigerGraph for AI/ML and Data Analytics Innovation of the Year!
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:video_camera: Latest How-To Videos

Best Practices (Design, Schema, Query)

GSQL is a user-friendly, highly expressive, and Turing-complete graph query language. Although learning GSQL is relatively easy, it can be challenging for some users to know where to start when writing a query. If that feels familiar, this video by Xinyu Chang is right for you, and it will cover:

  • Design a traversal plan with optimal complexity
  • Make your queries memory efficient
  • Identify the performance bottleneck
  • How to choose the right accumulator
  • Learn the MPP query execution mechanisms.

How AI and Graphs Can Save your Life in a Crisis

In this presentation by Dan Barkus as part of the Data Science and AI track of Austin Startup Week, MC-ed by TigerGraph’s Manager of Community Strategic Growth Navria Abbasi, learn how graph can be used in the health care field. As hurricane Ida claims over 50 lives and climate change ignites fires across the country, delivering life-saving equipment and medicine becomes a massive challenge. This segment of the video covers how artificial intelligence combined with graph database technology is saving lives when our healthcare supply chain is compromised by flooded roads, wildfires, or even civil unrest.

:mega: Events


[Nov 2 - 4] BioDataWorld

[Nov 8 - 11] Gartner IT Xpo Symposium - EMEA

:bar_chart: Cool Data Sets

Ten Million Reddit Answers
Harnessing the power of graph databases, build your own Reddit clone using this dataset to grab ten million Reddit answers.

Used Cars Dataset
Want to recommend cars to buyers? Create a used cars graph database to find your dream car at your dream price!

Brazil Highway Traffic Accidents
Where can one most expect a traffic accident? On which streets and for what cause? Create a traffic accident graph and write GSQL queries to find out!

:hammer_and_wrench: Product Updates