Nov. 15th - 19th Weekly Updates: TigerGraph Data Science Insight, TigerGraph 3.2 Logs with Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Filebeat, TigerGraph 3.2 Geospatial Maps, TigerGraph GraphQL Integration Early Testers, and More!

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:sparkles: Special Announcement

Vote for TigerGraph as the Startup of the Year in Redwood City!
TigerGraph is in the running for Startup of the Year in Redwood City by HackerNoon! You can vote here (no log in necessary, just click vote!)

Vote for TigerGraph for AI/ML and Data Analytics Innovation of the Year!
TigerGraph is the finalist for three sections in the SDC awards! You can vote here! TigerGraph is a finalist for…

  • AI/Machine Learning Innovation of the Year
  • Data Analytics Innovation of the Year
  • Digital Transformation Company of the Year

:writing_hand: Latest Blogs

How Recommendations can Help Retailers Build a Deeper Relationship With Their Customers
In this article written by Todd Blaschka, learn how graph analytics can help you create better, tailored recommendation systems.

TigerGraph Unveils Enhanced Graph Data Science Library With More Than 50 Algorithms
Learn about the TigerGraph Graph Data Science library, what is new, and what is upcoming in this blog by TigerGraph’s VP of Machine Learning, Victor Lee.

Introducing TigerGraph 3.2’s New Geospatial Layout Feature: Mapping COVID-19 Travel Events
In this blog by Shreya Chaudhary, learn how to use TigerGraph’s new geospatial feature to map COVID-19 cases.

Centralized TigerGraph Logs with Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Filebeat
In this blog by Kevin Hsu, learn how to use TigerGraph with centralized log management tools like Elasticsearch, Kibana, and Filebeat (EKF). The help of EKF with TigerGraph can provide a powerful platform that collects and processes data from different cluster nodes, stores that data in one centralized data store that can scale as data grows, and provides a set of tools to analyze the data.

:newspaper_roll: TigerGraph in the News

TigerGraph expands its graph data library with 20 new algorithms
In this article by VentureBeat, learn about the newest algorithms in the 3.2 release.

:mega: Events


[Nov. 16 - 19] Transform Fest
Hear from Richard Henderson in the session Putting a graph-powered digital twin at the heart of your drive to operational excellence. A digital twin of supply-chain operations looks like a network and should be directly represented as a network. Graph databases are specifically designed to do this. Pick the right one and you also get network-wide analytics and real-time capabilities, so operations and strategic planning are all working from exactly the same model. This enables continuous evolution without ever losing control, and with a fully data-driven basis for prioritization and execution.

[Nov. 16 - 17] FIMA
Hear from Szliard Barany, TigerGraph’s Presales Solutions Architect, who will share his in-depth knowledge on detecting fraud and money laundering in real-time with graph databases.

[Nov. 17] Graph Gurus Webinar Series - TigerGraph 101: An Intro to Graph - Part I
Join a four-part talk on TigerGraph 101 by Dan Barkus.
Part 1 - Intro to Graph and TigerGraph (November 17 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 2 - Data Acquisition and Graph Prep (December 1 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 3 - Schema Modeling and Data Loading (December 15 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 4 - Querying and Beyond (January 5 - 10 AM Pacific)

[Nov. 18] Developer Week Austin 2021 Zero to Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning ​In 50 Minutes with TigerGraph Cloud
In this presentation by Dan Barkus, learn how to get started with TigerGraph Cloud and create advanced analytics and machine learning using TigerGraph.

[Nov. 23 - 24] Big Data & AI World France

:bar_chart: Cool Data Sets

Top Anime
What makes an anime great? Leverage NLP and TigerGraph to create an anime graph to learn what creates the best anime and even create an anime recommendation system!

Ford Used Car Listing
Create a Ford User Car graph! What do Ford cars have in common after they are used? Which are in the best condition for the best price? Gain these insights through your Ford Tigergraph graph and create a dashboard to finish it off!

The Office Episodes Data
For fun, build the ultimate The Office graph database and polish it with a dashboard, voice assistant integration, or more!

:hammer_and_wrench: Product Updates

Highlight.js Now Supports GSQL!

Upcoming TigerGraph GraphQL Integration
The new TigerGraph GraphQL integration will be coming out in the next few weeks. We’re looking for a few people excited to be early testers. If you are interested, reply to this update!