Need to know which UI or tool i can connect with TigerGraphDB to show time series data

Hi Guys,

I am just newbie to the Tiger Graph and trying to see if tiger graph DB can be connected to any UI and solve or showcase time series problem use case.

I have attached the screenshot for reference which i saw on YouTube but not sure if it comes with Tiger Graph developer edition or not.

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Hey @RavindraNitwal,

TigerGraph Developer comes with GraphStudio included. There you can get the data in a graph way of showing it.

GraphStudio can also be used to write queries:

To present the data in the way you saw in the Graph Gurus 20 webinar, you will need an application (Node.js, Python, Java) for fetching and data processing using TigerGraph RESTAPI interface:

TigerGraph response is in JSON format.

The best starting point would be our G101:

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@RavindraNitwal A few community members have built things with REACT + D3 others have built dashboards with Plotly + Dash or Plotly + Streamlit using pyTigerGraph. So if you are a python developer these might be great options:

Few Examples of Dashboards:

Clinical Analysis:

@RavindraNitwal Any particular language you are using?