Need someone to guide in building a Graph

Hope you all are doing well.

I have been recently looking into using Graph Studio with my simple application.
Since I’m new to the platform i’m looking to a Graph Studio expert for this task.

The dataset is available i just need someone to upload it and do the data mapping and explain for me the main steps so i can do it by myself later on. I don’t have a much background on this so i need a help.

Hope to find someone interested.

Thank you.

@Balqis I think this guide might help you with your request it will guide you through the basics of Graph Studio. Let me know if you get stuck on any part.

Just a note: Graph Studio is the simplest way to build your graph with no code. I would start there. Then when you would like to take the step from going no code to building a graph with code you could check out this Google Colab.

If you would like to jump into the developer chat folks on there could also help guide you through pair programming sessions

Thank you @Jon_Herke so much.

Is there any interested freelancer can help me with the application that am trying to achieve?

Thank you.

@Balqis a few people responded to this post last week. Just “@” both of those that responded and see if they are still free. TigerGraph Freelancer