Need help with Upsert syntax

I’m having trouble getting the upsert to work and below is an example of what I’m trying to pass in:{"vertices":"PhoneCall":"15588225488134883643251429541241":"callLength":"10","add"

and this is the response we’re getting in PostMan:

    "version": {
        "edition": "enterprise",
        "api": "v2",
        "schema": 0
    "error": true,
    "message": "Endpoint is found for url = /graph/connectivity/vertices/PhoneCall%7B%2215588225488134883643251429541241%22:%22callLength%22:%2210%22,%22add%22 but there is no corresponding 'POST' method for such endpoint, please check the method of this url.",
    "code": "REST-1000"

but the error is:

but there is no corresponding ‘POST’ method for such endpoint


I think the problem is that the URL is actually malformed. As this would be a POST request, the actual JSON document representing the data you want to upsert should be sent in the request body, not in the URL.

E.g. in C#, it would be something like this:

HttpResponseMessage httpResponseMessage =
    await httpClient.PostAsync(uri, content);

where the “content” would be the JSON document. Have a look at the example here, it seems like case similar to yours.