My solution is not Starting

’ Wave-Data ’ - solution is not ready after 10m0ss: instance is not ready after 10m0ss

got stuck at starting

The provision process on TGCloud can take longer sometimes as we juggle resources. Did the instance finally turn to Ready?

I handled the support ticket. I’ll post a short writeup here of the issue.

They had an issue caused by entering invalid Request Headers to the GraphStudio Admin Portal in the Nginx management section. After applying this config change and restarting services, Nginx could not start due to an invalid configuration template, so that locks the user out of fixing it via the Admin Portal.

This can be resolved by using the CLI to modify the Nginx.ResponseHeaders parameter and restarting services which TG support is able to do.

I filed an enhancement request with Engineering to help prevent users from locking themselves out by validating the dynamically generated Nginx config and rolling back if invalid.