Missing pyTigerDriver in pyTigerGraph Install

Hello I get the error

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘pyTigerDriver’

when importing pyTigerGraph (v0.9). I understand this is a dependency. Should I have to install it separately? The git advice for pyTigerDriver is to use pyTigerGraph…

Edit: I can install pyTigerGraph v0.09.6.3. I don’t get the same error although it doesn’t contain, e.g., pyTigerGraphGSQL. Is there a significant difference between the two packages?

That is strange. pyTigerDriver should have been pulled and installed as a dependency during the pip install process. There is significant changes between v0. and v0.9, as we added many graph data science functions and refactored the codebase. We are up to v1.2.6 now though, so you may want to update anyway.

Could you try:

pip uninstall -y pyTigerGraph

pip install -U pyTigerGraph

Hopefully this works!

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@emackie Are you still running into errors with the packages? Or, did @Parker_Erickson resolution fix the issue? Let me know if you would like any further help!

Got it, thanks very much!

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