Missing associate certificate

There was a report earlier on the same issue. I took the certification for the Associate track today. However I too received a TigerGraph GSQL 101 certificate for the quiz and not an associate certification.


Whom can I reach out for receiving the Associate certificate?

@Aniruddha_Khadkikar Thanks for posting the issue here. I’ll relay this to the team that handles the education and certifications.

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I’ve informed the team. I’ll send you a 1:1 message to make sure you receive the correct certificate. Check the top right user icon and you will see a message from me. @Aniruddha_Khadkikar

I’m encountering the same issue too. Wondering if I missed any required steps.

@ksee Please check your messages. Top right of the profile. I’ll work with the internal team to make sure you receive the correct certificate.

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I also have the same issue. @Jon_Herke can you help ? Thanks.

I sent you a follow up 1:1 message. @ksankar

I’ve relayed all these to the internal team that handles certifications @ksankar @ksee @Aniruddha_Khadkikar. We will be resending those out shortly. Keep you posted.

Thanks Jon. Appreciate the help and the followup.

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@Jon_Herke Sorry to bug you. Haven’t heard anything from the TG education team yet. Thoughts ?

I’ll follow up with the team for the status.

I also have same issue @Jon_Herke can you help? thanks a lot

Hi @jimmyrekso Just sent you a 1:1 message asking for a few follow up details.

There is an Associate Certification and a Machine Learning Certification. The TigerGraph GSQL Programming 101 Certificate represents the completion of the Associate Certification. I’ll provide the feedback to the team regarding the confusion of the certificate having a different title than course.

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