Medium article re: TigerGraph + RASA + ConceptNet5 by Sudha Vijayakumar

Hi All, I discover a 4 part series on Medium regarding TigerGraph + RASA + ConceptNet5 written by Sudha Vijayakumar. I wanted to study how she did the Rasa side of the project, specifically the nlu.yml and files. I don’t see the Rasa project folder on GitHub, does anyone know anything about this project? Thanks in advance.

Don’t bother, the Rasa project is in the WIKI_Chatbot folder. I re-read Part 4, and it is stated in Step1f: Define action endpoints.

@kchang808 Not sure if you’ve read this as well. I believe Sudha leveraged some of the work by Mohamed for the RASA integration part.

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