Maximum Query Response Size Limitations

We are wanting to return 6500 Vertices and 11000 edges. It seems that this is not possible with TigerGraph, according to the doco? Is there a paging mechanism or a way to return this number of Objects? It is a show stopper for us.

Few ways you can approach this -

  1. If you are using an application to call your query you can pass in system parameters for that specific call

  2. If you have access to your system configs (if you can run gadmin) you can run gadmin --configure timeout_seconds and update the default for the timeout. After that is updated run gadmin config-apply & gadmin restart to apply the changes.

Thanks for your fast reply. So increasing the timeout is to allow for large return time. And I’m taking the size can be whatever we want as long as it doesn’t timeout? Sorry to labour the point but this would otherwise be a showstopper for us purchasing

Yes, the timeout is set by the user. You can set (modify) the timeout during the run of the call OR you can set (modify) at a system level. @davidsheard

Cheers. Read the link you sent me. Still max 1024MB max size. Will that typically cater for return 6500 Vertices and 11000 edges???

I couldn’t image an Object (Vertice or Edge) being larger than 2KB so that gives us 500K records which is perfect. Feel free to correct me.

Should be fine. a GB is a lot of data. We’d expect millions rather than thousands of objects in that depending, as you say, on the size of your objects.