Map data column to edge source vertex

Probably a basic question. I have an edge with reverse edge configured in my graph. The edge type only has two attributes. I loaded a csv file and want to map to this edge. The csv file has more columns than the number of attributes in the edge. For example, i have 10 columns in the csv file. I only mapped the two attributes in the edge with two columns in the csv, as other columns are not needed for the schema.

I am unable to publish the data mapping and if i publish, i get this message. I also see the message “need to map data column to edge source vertex” in the dotted line.

What should i do?

Please fix loading design issues first

The data loading procedure design has some issues. Please follow the highlighted information on each mapping link from data source to graph schema to fix them before save.

Never mind. i think i found the issue. i should not map to the attributes, rather map to source vertex and target vertex.