Long Error Message while installing query - how to check the log?

I get this long error message - but how do I find out what the error is ?
[1;34mPassword for tigergraph : e[0m**********
Start installing queries, about 1 minute …
cycleDetectionPayment query: curl -X GET ‘[stepLowLimit=VALUE]&[stepHighLimit=VALUE]&startTime=VALUE&endTime=VALUE&moneyLowLimit=VALUE&drainRatio=VALUE&[printJson=VALUE]’. Add -H “Authorization: Bearer TOKEN” if authentication is enabled.
Select ‘m1’ as compile server, now connecting …
Node ‘m1’ is prepared as compile server.

[ ] 0% (0/1)
[ ] 0% (0/1) [GTEST_IL]Failed query during compilation: ‘cycleDetectionPayment’. For more info, please check log at node ‘m1’: /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/log/gsql/ERROR.20220325-015101.474

[=============================== ] 47% (0/1)
[============================================================== ] 95% (0/1)
[=============================== ] 47% (0/1)
[============================================================== ] 95% (0/1) Query installation failed!
Cheers & Thanks

It looks like you need to add a token

Here is a sample request:
curl -X GET -H "Authorization: Bearer 01234567abcdefgh01234567abcdefgh" "http://localhost:9000/graph/socialNet/vertices/User?limit=3"

To generate a secret to pass for token creation you can follow this blog:

Once you have a secret you can request a token:

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