Loading edges via map data to graph does not work

I have a simple schema, just with string ids, no additional data attributes:
Nodes: a, c
Edges: B, AA

I have created some basic data:
(a1) —(B1)—>(c1)



While I can get the data to load by doing a full “export current solution” and “import existing solution”,
the edges do not load when using “map data to graph” and “load data”.

Is it possible to load edges via “load data”?

@rene Welcome to the community! I’m not seeing anything obvious from what you reported. It sounds like you are taking the correct steps when using GraphStudio. Just to confirm these are the steps you’re taking (see below) and it’s not loading correctly?

Step 1 - Map Data

Step 2 - Load Data (Click the play button in GraphStudio)