Loading data with double-quotes

Hello folks!

I’m trying to load some data into TG, where the file is a CSV with double-quote enclosed fields. The problem I’m having is that if the field has an escaped double-quote in it by using another double quote (the proper way to escape a double-quote enclosed), TG won’t load it.

Here’s a sample of how a record can look like that I’m trying to load to TG:
“ID_Field”, “Desc_Field”
“1”, “This record belongs to ““Another User”” for now”

The above will fail. I have tried to use a backslash (can’t show it below due to post formatting, but wrote out inside the {}) on the double-quote, which passes the load, but in TG it keeps the backslash (not the desired outcome):
“ID_Field”, “Desc_Field”
“1”, “This record belongs to {backslash}“Another User{backslash}” for now”

Any help would be appreciated!
Thank you

Currently we don’t have support for " or ’ as an escape for quotation marks during data loading.
The current workaround it to alternate use of single- v. double- quotes.

That is, if you declare double-quotes as your string delimiter, you are free to use single quotes within your string. Another workload is to substitute your internal quotation marks with another unicode character that looks similar to the official delimiter but is actually different (such as right-side double quotes, left-side double quotes, back-tick).