LOAD TEMP TABLE can only be called one time

I want to load a temp table to vertex and edges separately so that I can USING VERTEXMUSTEXIST=“true” in edge loading.


Load f1 to TEMP_TABLE sharefile_t (...)

LOAD TEMP_TABLE sharefile_t 
    TO VERTEX User(...);

LOAD TEMP_TABLE sharefile_t 
    TO EDGE   UserOf(...)

But if failed with error:

GSQL > @/tmp/cas35599_create_kafka_loader
Using graph 'DefaultGraph'
The job cas_load_kafka could not be found.
The data source 'cas_kafka1' is dropped.
The data source 'cas_kafka1' is created.
Data source 'cas_kafka1' has been updated.
**Semantic Check Fails: The file sharefile_t has different configs!**
**If you need different configs for one file, please use symbolic link.**
The job cas_load_kafka could not be created!

Did it work properly when you used the temp table only once?

Could you use above for both loading statements loading from temp table sharefile_t?


What do you mean “both”? USING VERTEXMUSTEXIST=“true”; only works for Edge loading, isn’t it?

If I merge the vertex loading and edge loading into once, it works.