Limit on Number of Vertices to Upsert?

I have a 71 row dataframe which I am using in upsertVertexDataFrame

The following error is returned if I try to upload all rows. However, if I upload 0:26 or 1:27 or 2:28 etc. the function works. Could a limit have been set without my knowledge?


500 Internal Server Error

500 Internal Server Error


I didn’t quite follow what you meant here. These look like time intervals, not counts.

Sorry I didn’t read properly! That should be…

json_up[0:26], json_up[1:27], json_up[2:28],


Sorry, I lost track of this question.
This isn’t my area of expertise. Looking only at the upsert limit, a colleague suggested that maybe this was an accidental nginx config setting.
But it’s not clear why this is a code 500 (http?) error.

Hi we now think this was due to someone updating the schema at the same time…