Kafka load error

I want to use kafka to load data ,but an error occurred after run the load job:Internal Error, please contact support@tigergraph.com

@wjx1 Can you try the following to see if all your services are running gadmin status? Sometime when a service is offline it could cause an Internal Error message.

Additional Troubleshooting Commands:

 gadmin status        (Make sure all TigerGraph services are UP.)
 df -lh               (Make sure all servers are getting enough disk space.)
 free -g              (Make sure all servers have enough memory.)
 tsar                 (Make sure there is no irregular memory usage on the system.)
 dmesg -T | tail      (Make sure there are no Out of Memory, or any other errors.)
 grun all "date"      (Make sure the time across all nodes are synchronized
                        with time difference under 2 seconds. )