July 18th - July 22nd Weekly Updates: Product Updates, Latest Videos, Trending Datasets, and More!

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Here’s your weekly round-up of product updates, latest videos, trending datasets, and more!

:gear: Product Updates

TigerGraph ML Workbench v1.0 On-Prem and pyTigerGraph v1.0 are now available!

You can now easily create more accurate models with graph-enhanced and Graph Neural Network models leveraging your graph store TigerGraph Database!

Download the Free Developer Edition

:writing_hand: Latest Blogs

Regulatory Compliance Part 2: Industry Regulations and Implementation

Machine Learning Workbench Propels TigerGraph-powered Machine Learning into the Limelight

:video_camera: Latest Videos

Using Graph-based Features To Get a Quantum Leap in Fraud Detection

In this webinar, co-hosted with About Fraud Co-founder Ronald Prätsch, Harry Powell, Head of Global Solutions at TigerGraph and ex-Barclays, talks about leveraging graph-based features to overcome the accuracy barrier in fraud detection machine learning.

TigerGraph ML Workbench Overview

An overview of TigerGraph’s Machine Learning Workbench, a framework allowing you easy access to develop graph AI and machine learning models on top of a TigerGraph solution.

:mega: Events

[Tuesday, July 19th] VentureBeat Transform 2022
In-Person: San Francisco
The #1 publisher in AI coverage, VentureBeat, returns with their flagship event, Transform—the leading event on applied AI for enterprise business and technology decision-makers.

[Monday, July 25th - Thursday, July 28th] Dell HPC Community Meeting
In-Person: Austin
Please join us for the return of the annual Austin-based Dell Technologies HPC Community Meeting in person!

[Wednesday, July 27th] Businesses Can Gain More Competitive Advantages With TigerGraph Cloud
Attend this webinar to watch a demo of TigerGraph Cloud and see the newest functionality, including:

  • The ability for multiple people within an organization to use the same account
  • Access privileges based on roles
  • Stronger measures to ensure privacy is maintained

If you can’t join the webinar live, please register for the recording.

:coffee: TigerGraph Graphé

Bring your coffee and talk directly with our engineers every Tuesday on Discord. During Graphé hours, we talk about all things graph, answer questions about graph modeling, GSQL programming, and more!

Upcoming sessions:

:bar_chart: Kaggle Trending Datasets

Daily Coffee Price :coffee:
Forecasting Daily Coffee Price

PGA Tour Golf Data (2015-2022) :golf:
PGA Tour Data and Results

Breast Cancer Dataset
Analysis Breast Cancer Dataset