Json format equivalent of the map data type

I want the json format equivalent of the map data type which can be upserted to tigergraph. On trying the payload
i am getting the error
The payload json value ‘red’ is not valid, expecting “keylist” or “valuelist”

From python,

MAP<STRING,STRING> attribute_name - shall be passed as,

lst_update=[ ]
for idx, value in batch_data.iterrows():
attributes = {}
_primary_id = ’ ’
attributes[‘attribute_name’] = {
“keylist”: [ “key name” ],
“valuelist”: [ “key value” ]

# upsert vertices
conn.graphname = graph_name
print("Updated data:"+str(conn.upsertVertices('Graph node name', lst_update)))

@Sudha Can you provide some more details into the issues you’re experiencing?

Hi Jon, I faced the same error reported on this thread. What i have posted in my previous reply is a solution that worked. Its solved!

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@Sudha Thank You for the quick reply! I didn’t see any errors with your post so it was a bit unclear if you had issues. Glad that you were able to resolve your issue! Thank you for updating the tread!