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:thinking: How To Tell if You Have a Graph-shaped Problem

How does graph differ from other database paradigms, and how can you use it to solve problems that would be intractable in other database solutions?

Check out this article to find out!

:top: Trending Community Topic

Check out last week’s Discourse topic with the most views:

What Happens to Data When Schema Is Changed

Are you knowledgeable on this topic? Don’t hesitate to jump in and help others in the community!

:coffee: TigerGraph Graphé

Bring your coffee and talk directly with our engineers every Tuesday on Discord. During Graphé hours, we talk about all things graph, answer questions about graph modeling, GSQL programming, and more!

Upcoming sessions:

:bar_chart: Kaggle Trending Datasets

Daily Power Generation Data :zap:
Daily power generation from all power stations in India 09/01/2017 to 12/22/2022

World’s Most Air - Polluted Countries & Cities :cityscape:
World Most Polluted Countries, Cities & Regions Historical Data 2018-2021

Best Selling Nintendo 64 Video Games :video_game:
Nintendo 64 video games that have generated at least $100 million gross income

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