Jan. 3rd - 7th Weekly Updates: Graph Database Uses, Introduction to Graph, TigerGraph 3.4.0, and More!

Happy New Year, @TigerGraph_Community!

Here’s your weekly round-up of blogs, events, and much more!

:writing_hand: Latest Blogs

Graph databases are everywhere, and will become even more ubiquitous
Graph analytics can create better applications for healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, financial services, and many other industries. Explore the practical applications and why the industry is on the precipice of massive growth.

An Introduction To Graph, The Essential Data Analysis Tool
With Gartner predicting that graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations by 2025, it’s time to get up-to-speed on why they are a critical business tool. Read TigerGraph COO Todd Blaschka’s comprehensive overview.

:mega: Events


[Jan. 5] Graph Gurus Webinar Series - TigerGraph 101: Querying and Beyond - Part IV
Join the final webinar of a four-part series on TigerGraph 101 by Dan Barkus.
Part 1 - Intro to Graph and TigerGraph (November 17 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 2 - Data Acquisition and Graph Prep (December 1 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 3 - Schema Modeling and Data Loading (December 15 - 10 AM Pacific)
Part 4 - Querying and Beyond (January 5 - 10 AM Pacific)

:bar_chart: Cool Data Sets

2022 Startups Dataset
Build a startup graph and possibly couple it with a dashboard, showcasing popular startups in various industries.

English Premier League Match Events and Results
Create a soccer graph with events from the English Premier League. Once again, couple it with a dashboard or a full-stack soccer app.

Top games on Twitch 2016 - 2021
Aspiring Twitch streamer? Build a graph with Twitch game data to identify the most popular games and niches to determine where to get started!

:hammer_and_wrench: Product Updates

TigerGraph 3.4.0 was released on December 21st, 2021! Check out the release notes and highlights here: Release Notes :: Docs.