Issue with RESTPP in docker image

I am facing an issue with trying to use the tigergraph docker image posted here (Docker Hub). I can successfully install and launch TigerGraph. However, for some reason, the RESTPP service is down and won’t start. I’ve tried gadmin start all and gadmin start restpp.

When checking the gadmin status, every other service is working perfectly. I’m not sure what the issue is. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Hey @akash_kaul - what version are you using?


Please, make sure that port 9000 is not taken by some other service/app.
In the container, you’ll find /home/tigergraph/tigergraph/log/restpp directory.
Do you see some errors there?

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I am using the latest version (I am pulling xpertmind/tigergraph:latest)

Port 9000 isn’t being used by anything else. Here is a list of my running docker images:

Yes there are errors under restpp. Here’s an image from graph studio

Logs via terminal:

ERROR.20220113-042709.785 ERROR.20220114-211954.976 INFO.20220113-051222.855 WARNING.20220113-043439.4361
ERROR.20220113-043439.4361 INFO.20220113-042709.785 INFO.20220114-211954.976 WARNING.20220113-044339.7083
ERROR.20220113-044339.7083 INFO.20220113-043439.4361 RESTPP#1-old-2022-01-13T05-00-20.336.out WARNING.20220113-044429.7248
ERROR.20220113-044429.7248 INFO.20220113-044338.7083 RESTPP#1-old-2022-01-13T05-05-00.921.out WARNING.20220113-044859.8200
ERROR.20220113-044859.8200 INFO.20220113-044429.7248 RESTPP#1-old-2022-01-13T05-07-27.461.out WARNING.20220113-045317.10010
ERROR.20220113-045317.10010 INFO.20220113-044859.8200 RESTPP#1-old-2022-01-13T05-12-22.180.out WARNING.20220113-045332.10155
ERROR.20220113-045332.10155 INFO.20220113-045317.10010 RESTPP#1-old-2022-01-14T21-19-49.966.out WARNING.20220113-045655.835
ERROR.20220113-045655.835 INFO.20220113-045331.10155 RESTPP#1.ERROR WARNING.20220113-050021.825
ERROR.20220113-050021.825 INFO.20220113-045655.835 RESTPP#1.INFO WARNING.20220113-050501.817
ERROR.20220113-050501.817 INFO.20220113-050020.825 RESTPP#1.WARNING WARNING.20220113-050727.4038
ERROR.20220113-050727.4038 INFO.20220113-050501.817 RESTPP#1.out WARNING.20220113-051222.855
ERROR.20220113-051222.855 INFO.20220113-050727.4038 WARNING.20220113-042709.785 WARNING.20220114-211954.976

@akash_kaul can you please stop the container, remove the image and reload it (pull it again)?
Please also delete the data folder (or anything you mounted on the host).


Hi Bruno

The container is working now and all services are up. Thank you! I’m curious to know what the issue was and how it was fixed.

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@gruby_karol Thanks for always being there and helping out in the community! :heart:

There is a bug in log level management. I lower the level of data being logged in docker container, and this killed the container.


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