Is there any rewards for contributors in the community?

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Hello, I was wondering if there are any rewards for contributors in the community? This seems to be a common practice in many other technology communities.if its there then why it is stopped now Could you please share the reason behind this decision? Reinstating it could be a motivating factor for increased contributions and participation within the community.

@swasthik In the past we’ve conducted experiments on different types of contribution programs. Currently, we’re looking at re-launching some of the more successful programs. Would you be interested in meeting up to discuss what you’re ideal program would look like? Calendly - Jonathan Herke We would really appreciate your thoughts on the matter!

Hello @Jon_Herke Thanks for your reply

I’ve noticed that our community used to be quite active back in 2022. However, lately, I’ve observed a lack of questions being posted, and some unanswered questions from before. So, I’m trying to contribute by answering questions based on my knowledge. Learning through interaction like this benefits everyone, and an active community can also help the organization grow.

I suggest considering offering rewards to community members who contribute and help others and be active in the communtiy . This could motivate more people to participate. They could experiment with TigerGraph, share their experiences in the community, and showcase their work. Items like T-shirts, stickers, or similar goodies could be given out as rewards. This way, others can also learn a lot.

Regarding content, while we have seminars on the TigerGraph YouTube channel, it’s hard to find other sources. For newcomers, it would be beneficial to collaborate with YouTubers who teach computer-related topics. They have a wide audience, and it could increase our reach.

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