Is there a style guide for writing GSQL code (queries, jobs, etc.)? [EOM]

Even in TigerGraph-authored tutorials, I see different conventions for variable names, indentation, etc.

I know it is not a huge thing, but having a style guide in place would make the code analysis/share more efficient.

I am thinking about something like, for example, or

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@gruby_karol There isn’t an official one published. Tagging @Lenny_Chen the documentation writer for TigerGraph on getting one published. Thanks for the expressed interest in having one available!

@Jon_Herke just checking if we have any version of TG style guide in plan. If not, is there a tentative timeline for the same. Is there a way I can assist you in building one ?

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Hi kapilsaini,
We’ve since released our official style guide and you can find it here: GSQL Style Guide :: GSQL Language Reference