Is loading parquet from minIO bucket supported?


I would like to load parquet files from minIO bucket to TigerGraph. Found the documentation on AWS S3 Loader but was unsure whether loading from minIO was supported. Normally to load from minIO bucket user would need to provide an endpoint url for minIO server, but I did not see that in the S3 loader configuration file.


Is there a minIO documentation page you could point to so we can see if TigerGraph can satisfy this?

The link is here. Btw I tried connecting to minIO via GraphStudio but failed. Guess loading from minIO is not supported.

I was looking for a link in minIO documentation, not TigerGraph documentation.

TigerGraph has not previously verified that we can read from minIO, but if minIO’s requirements are similar to TigerGraph’s current capabilities, then it might be possible either now or in the next product revision.

There you go link. Thanks.

To help us prioritize our work, would this be for a business use or other use?
If you’re rather not say on the community forum, you can respond by email (victor@tigergraph)