Is GraphQL Service enterprise ready?

I am expecting following features/capability:

  1. Similar to rest service, can i make graphQL query using Postman or any other graphQL client? I did use the binary to start the service, graphQL query seems to be working using the built in UI but not when i use the postman. I get this response


GraphQL Playground


  1. I do have 4 node TG cluster environment and i would like to have graphql service end point same as TG endpoint (probably it can have different port). when i ran the binary, url seems to be localhost only, wondering if that can be changed.

  2. How can we enable security of TG graph data when accessing via graph QL

  3. I saw in other post, graph QL would be offered as built in service in Q2, I am assuming Q2 of 2023, is that right?


Hi Sudhakar,

The GraphQL service is integrated with TigerGraph service in our 3.7 version which will be released this week. So moving forward no separate binary startup is needed. Also, it inherits the application server HA. Stay tuned!
From security perspective, it will use the same GSQL AuthN/Z model, and user can use same GSQL credential to query the data.



Great news. Thank you for the update, will wait for 3.7 for our analysis.