Installing or running all queries fail

Configuration: This is occurring in the Enterprise edition 2.6 on a dedicated server and the Developer edition 3.0 is also installed on the same machine.

I’m in the process of migrating and testing from 2.6 to 3.0. I completely stop one before starting the other. I have successfully switched back and forth multiple times and all seemed to be OK. Then this last time after starting the 2.6 version the queries would hang when executing. Upon inspection I found 5 out of about 20 that became uninstalled (all were previously installed). When I try to re-install from GraphStudio I get the error:

“Query installation failed.”

When I create and install a new query such as:

CREATE QUERY zzTest_Deleteme(/* Parameters here */) FOR GRAPH wtapp { 
  /* Write query logic here */ 
  PRINT "zzTest_Deleteme works!"; 

I get the same error. When I execute other queries I get the error:

“The query didn’t finish because it exceeded the query timeout threshold (16 seconds). To increase the query time, please check the error code for details.”

And this is the result from using the command line:

Using graph 'wtapp'
GSQL > INSTALL QUERY zzTest_Deleteme
Start installing queries, about 1 minute ...
zzTest_Deleteme query: curl -X GET ''. Add -H "Authorization: Bearer TOKEN" if authentication is enabled.

[==============================================================   ] 95% (0/1)  Fail to install new queries, please check GPE status!
Query installation failed!

Any recommendations on how to correct this issue?

Thank you.

You’re pretty experienced now, so I assume you checked to see if all your TG components were running (gadmin status).

Hi Victor,

Everything is up except for:

[SUMMARY][GSE] process is down
[SUMMARY][GSE] id service is ready

However, I think the status been like this for some time now and I was previously able to install queries anyway.

This is not much of an issues as this is on 2.6 and I have now migrated to 3.0, however, I thought it was worth looking into a bit. At the time I was trying to run queries on both to compare results.