Installing on Ubuntu 18.10 cosmic


Is there anyway to install Tigergraph on Ubuntu 18.10.

Using the native gives an “error” of unsupported OS version.

Docker doesn’t install on 18.10 yet either so a bit stuck as not able to change the Ubuntu version.


Hi ken,

Currently for Ubuntu OS, we only certified on 14.04, 16.04 and 18.04 LTS version.

We have not certified on Ubuntu 18.10, if you want to try it, you may workaround the OS check like the following:

  1. in the file “utils/check_utils”, insert the following after line 3 (which is: OSG=$(get_os)):

OSG=“UBUNTU 18.04” # this is hard code the OS to be Ubuntu 18.04

  1. run the again

NOTES: We are not guarantee that it works on this OS.



Hi Dadong

Thanks for the workaround! It seems to have worked okay at least for the install process.

Understood it’s not a supported version of Ubuntu.

Thanks again.