HOWTO: Deploy a TigerCloud Instance

To start with a free TG cloud deployment you need to register first :nerd_face: :

Then after log in you will see 23 different starter kits incl. graph schema with data and one blank solution. To start with your free deployment click on “My solutions” and then on the blue button “Create Solution” in the right upper corner.

To start with the blank starter kit, click on it and then on “Next” at the bottom. Of course, you can select any of the provided solutions, we add regularly new ones (i.e. Covid-19).

Then fill in the mandatory information (all fields!). Note: if you forget the password or do a typo there, you will need to terminate the solution and start from the scratch again.

Next step would be to select the instance type (TG.Free) and the AWS region which will fit you the best. In the moment only AWS deployment is possible. We work on integration of Azure and GCP. Note: you can only have one free deployment at the time. If you want to deploy a new one, the old one needs to be terminated. Also, the free instance type would be stopped after one hour of inactivity. Sometimes the free instances may suffer availablility issues - then you can try to deploy in a different AWS region.

After you checked all the settings, start the deployment by pressing “Submit”.

After max 5 minutes (you can check by clicking on “Pending tasks”)

your instance is ready.

Start it by clicking the “Open Solution via Domain” or entering directly in browser.

For login please use tigergraph as user and the password you selected in the deployment process.