How to traverse same edge iteratively between multiple vertices

In schema, we have a vertex named “Customer” having attribute “age
and the customers are connected to each other via edge “likes”.

Example: c1-(likes)->c2-(likes)->c3-(likes)->c4,c5

We want to make c1 as a primary profile since c1 has highest value for age attribute and connect rest of the vertices with c1

Example: c1-(likes)-> [c2, c3, c4, c5, c6, c7]

Please help in writing a generic query to achieve the above objective.

I’d like to make sure we’re thinking the same thing. An edge is a direct connection from one vertex to another.

Say c1 likes c2, and c2 likes c3. That is 3 vertices and 2 edges.
c1 does not connect to c3 directly, but c1 is reachable from c3, by traversing 2 edges.

Could you send a sketch of of the example graph shape you are thinking of?
Given this structure, what do you want the query to tell you?