How to take dump/backup of one graph

How do I export specific graph not the entire solution . Like in sql we can take dumpfile as backup .

How can we copy graph(schema + data ) from one instance to other instance

@sushmakundapur A great place to start is here Database Import/Export :: TigerGraph Server Let me know if you still have any additional questions.

I have seen that document . It talks about exporting all graphs and not specific graph

Hi @sushmakundapur,
I have tried backup and restoring graph with data, schema and functions in TG. I followed the steps in

Since you want to restore the cluster in another instance and if you are using AWS you can backup the dump to S3. And from your new cluster you can pull the dump and restore the entire cluster.
Hope this helps.


Thank you, @vinoth_krishan! :tiger:

@sushmakundapur You are correct - It will back up all aspects of your graph solution. At this time there aren’t any features to select only a certain graph to back up.

However, the export you get would be the GSQL code that is used to build (import) the solution back. You can open that export GSQL and remove the other graph code prior to re-importing.

Thanks for the reply . In future is there any plans to include this feature ?

“Export/Dump of required graph than entire solution”