How to stop "put ExprFunctions"?

We’ve done "put ExprFunctions from " and now it seems always to pick up the file from wherever inside TigerGraph that it’s stored. log/gsql/log.DEBUG shows, for example, “Get ExprFunctions from upload.”

Is there a way to turn that off, so that it goes back to picking up the local file?



Hi Dave,

When you see “Get ExprFunctions from upload.” You are using the local file you uploaded from "put ExprFunctions from ". You can try “get ExprFunctions to” to check if the uploaded file is expected.

When you see "“Get ExprFunctions from github”, you are using file from github repo.

Did you mean to delete the uploaded file to use the default file shipped in tigergraph? You can try this command to do this,

grun all “rm $(gadmin config get System.DataRoot)/gsql/udf/ExprFunctions.hpp”

We will add the feature to delete udf file with command like “DELETE ExprFunctions” in the future as well.



Thanks, Qing!

In our case, rather than reverting to the shipped file, we wanted to revert to picking up our custom ExprFunctions.hpp that we install under System.AppRoot along with other files that our UDFs depend on, but I think your solution addresses our case as well.

I see that after our reinstall, that System.DataRoot directory is empty, but we’ll remember it next time we accidentally get ourselves into that situation.