How to Run REST API endpoints by using token?

Hi all,
I am this query endpoint below:<VERTEX_ID>
Toolnapshot is a query from our graph database.
We have one user with password and token .
How can i do it from API by using by token ?
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@dmngaya Can you provide me with a few additional details? Is this solution running on TigerGraph Cloud? If yes, what version? The latest two releases on cloud have minor changes I need to make sure we take into account.

Change 1: Switched the defult ports to 443.
Change 2: Instead of username password you pass __GSQL__secret for the username and your secret for the password.

Hi Jon herke, thanks for you response. It is running on google cloud . Version is 3.2.2. I will test change 1 and 2 and will update . Thanks .

@dmngaya Here are the docs for Endpoint’s using 3.2.2 Built-in Endpoints :: TigerGraph Server

Your query request should look like this. You will need to replace the token with your token string.

curl --location --request GET "<VERTEX_ID>"
--header 'Authorization: Bearer 7816trgu9idlsp7729kgm5kr167c9ur0'