How to report online doc errors? [COUNT() should now be COUNT(*) ]

In the doc on Run Built-in Queries, the GSQL commands using count() is wrong in a number of places:

SELECT count() FROM person

is incorrect. It’s missing a * inside the parens.

It should be:

SELECT count(*) FROM person

I’m not sure how to report this. There’s no link on the page to report the error.

(If somebody was really industrious, they could write some code to pull all the GSQL from the online doc and run tests against it to make sure it was all working correctly. It would also make a good smoke test for any new release.)

I see from the 101 Certificate video, Module 3, that COUNT() used to work (but doesn’t work now.) So, I suspect maybe GSQL updated the language to match other SQL languages. In any case, the documentation needs to be updated.