How to make REST call on local dev version with no token

I have successfully made a REST call to the cloud developer db and am now trying to make a REST call to the developer db installed with Docker. This version does not allow me to make secrets and therefore I cannot use the authentication used for the cloud.

Can someone please show the code needed to call a query in the local developer version?

This code is what I have with the authentication stripped out:

import requests

url = “http://Localhost:9000/query/MyGraph/test1

payload = {}

headers= {}

response = requests.request(“GET”, url, headers=headers, data = payload)

Produces this error

b’{“version”:{“edition”:“developer”,“api”:“v2”,“schema”:0},“error”:true,“message”:“Endpoint is not found from url = /query/MyGraph/test1, please use GET /endpoints to list all valid endpoints.”,“code”:“REST-1000”}’

Thank you

So I’m not entirely sure, but assuming the error is correct, what was the output from GET /endpoints ?

Sorry, I had re-imported that solution and all but that query were installed. All good.