How to get GSQL changes reflected in GraphStudio

I have to add attributes in EDGES of my existing Graph. Graphstudio is taking a lot of time so I have started making the changes in GSQL but now I can’t see those in GraphStudio.

Though the changes are visible in GSQL.

How can I get these reflected in GraphStudio?

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Hey Anuroop, Graph Studio doesn’t immediately update after a GSQL change, but if you refresh the UI I find it will sync within 10s or so.

In my case, it doesn’t even reflect after restarting the docker and laptop

Is there a command or button click to refresh it to reflect in Graphstudio?

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@AnuroopAjmera You mentioned you’re using GSQL to write schema changes.

Can you run USE GLOBAL then run LS? I’m wondering if you’re schema changes aren’t being written to the local graph version?

Next you can try USE GRAPH replaceThisWithYourGraphName then run LS again?

It might be that your changes aren’t being made to your local graph.

“ls” is showing me the changes made but those aren’t getting reflected on GraphStudio

@AnuroopAjmera can you show a screenshot about the edge type where the inconsistency happen?

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Not sure on how to share a screenshot/document but this is happening on nodes as well as edges when I add atrributes.

Is this vertex/edge type used only in this graph? Are there any other graphs with the same vertex/edge type name, or any global vertex/edge types with the same name?

These vertex/edge type are specific to this graph only

From the provided information we cannot identify the reason. Can we have a zoom meeting to investigate? cc @Jon_Herke

@AnuroopAjmera Are you running into the same issue still? If yes, would you be willing to jump in an online session to help us better diagnose the issue?

This is resolved now.


@Jon_Herke @Renchu_Song

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@AnuroopAjmera Awesome!! Were you able to determine the cause and/or what steps you took to reach a resolution?