How to get Cascade filters or Context Filters in Tiger Insights

Hi Team,

I have a requirement to develop a Dashboard in Tiger Insights where it involves more than 10 Vertices. After traversing from each vertex through a possible edge. I need the filters to be automatically get filtered based on previously selected filter. for example Country and Sales are two vertices. I have created a Insight Page with some widgets and now I want some filters on these widgets. if I take Country name from country vertex and category from sales vertex as filter. if I filter country name, automatically category filter is to be updated i.e., the categories available only in that country should be populated. Basically cascade or context filters in Tableau. It will be very helpful if I get any solution.
Cons: When ever I select one filter , the GSQL behind the widget gets triggered. Instead I am looking for a solution unless I click on any apply button after selecting aa required filters, my GSQL should not get computed.