How to find cpu and memory of node in the Tigergraph server?

I have tigergraph installed in linux system. How do I check the total cpu cores of node and memory of the tigergraph server?

@Neethu You can use TigerGraph’s built-in “metrics” endpoints to grab most system-related information → Built-in Endpoints :: TigerGraph Server

Alternatively, if you would like to check the total number of CPU cores and memory on a Linux system where TigerGraph is installed, you can use various command-line tools. Here are some common commands to retrieve this information:

  1. To check the number of CPU cores:

    You can use the lscpu command to display CPU information, including the number of CPU cores.


    Look for the “CPU(s)” or “Core(s) per socket” line to determine the total number of CPU cores.

  2. To check memory (RAM) information:

    You can use the free command to display memory information.

    free -h

    This will show you the total, used, and free memory in human-readable format.

    Alternatively, you can use the cat command to view the /proc/meminfo file, which provides detailed memory information:

    cat /proc/meminfo

    Look for the “MemTotal” line to find the total memory.

These commands should provide you with the information you need to determine the number of CPU cores and the amount of memory on your TigerGraph server.