How to export all vertices and edges data from tigergraph

How do I export all the vertices and edges data?
We have created lots of random data through the Tiger graph UI (Explore Graph section), but we don’t have all the data in the CSV files.
So whatever data is in the Tiger Graph database, we want to export it.
How do we export it?


This was recently covered in a Tip

Thanks, @markmegerian , for giving me your time to reply.
By the suggested below query,
Execution is not finished and is continuously going on because of lots of data.
How do we get it finished quickly so that we can get the data?

CREATE QUERY tips_show_graph() FOR GRAPH Claims { 
//  Show it all, including attributes!
  ListAccum <EDGE> @@allE;
  G = {ANY};
  G2 = SELECT s FROM G:s-(:e)->:t 
	ACCUM @@allE += e
	HAVING 1==0;
  PRINT G, @@allE;

By this i’m assuming we need to download the file from the View data table result section

or is there any other way too ?

@puneet You can run the EXPORT GRAPH which also includes a data export.

Then you can always IMPORT it later on.

To export all the vertices and edges data from your TigerGraph database, you can use the
TigerGraph’s built-in GSQL scripting language to perform queries and then save the results into CSV files