How to deploy Custom UDF in TG Cloud instance


We are looking forward to use TG Cloud instance for our solution. As part of our solution we use custom C++ UDF’s which internally make API calls to external API’s . Can you please let me know how can I deploy such C++ Functions to TG Cloud instance and how to do network configuration in Cloud instances for inbound/outbound traffic ?

Hi @kapilsaini this is a great question. As of now, there isn’t a “best way”. There is a way.

  1. You need to export your solution
  2. Unzip the tar file
  3. Unzip template > ExportedGraph
  4. Make edits directly to ExprFunctions.hpp

Query UDFs should be defined in C++ in the ExprFunctions.hpp file located at <tigergraph.root.dir>/app/<VERSION_NUM>/dev/gdk/gsql/src/QueryUdf/ . Replace <VERSION_NUM> with the version number of the TigerGraph instance running on your machine

  1. Zip up ExportedGraph
  2. tar your full solution
  3. Import Existing Solution back