How to define edges "same_as" for different entity types

Hi Tigers

I’m just getting started on the whole GDB thing, and I am hoping you can give me a few pointers.

I am working on a dataset that has an edge called ‘same_as’. A little data exploration reveals the following schema:

CREATE UNDIRECTED EDGE same_as (FROM entity_1, TO entity_1)

CREATE UNDIRECTED EDGE same_as (FROM entity_2, TO entity_1|entity_3|entity_4)

But I’m not sure if I can keep both statements as is because it seems that might create some naming conflicts. Any suggestion on how to do this most efficiently without ending up creating two same_as edges?



We can not keep two same_as edges.

Could you consider to create the schema like this?

CREATE UNDIRECTED EDGE same_as (FROM entity_1|entity_2, TO entity_1|entity_3|entity_4)

In the future, we will support a more elegant way of creating such edges.



In the open office hour yesterday, I was informed that subset to subset edge definition is not yet support in 2.5. It’s either subset to one or one to subset. So for my situation * to * seems to work the best.

You may want to double check on the subset to subset…