How to connect TigerGraph to Tableau

How to connect TigerGraph to Tableau

I don’t have any demonstration of Tableau connections. However, it should be possible to pull data into Tableau from TigerGraph using:

  1. Extract API - Using TigerGraph’s BuiltIn Endpoints
  2. TabPy - Using pyTigerGraph (Read/Write)

pip install pyTigerGraphBeta
Sample Python Colab with Code
pyTigerGraph Docs

Note: TigerGraph is working on a full fledged JBDC connector that will be designed specifically for integrating into Tableau, but that is under development and isn’t set to be released for ~2 months. Tableau JDBC Connection

Hi Job,
is the JDBC connector for Tigergraph to Tableau already usable?

Hi dhotachin,

Yes, the Tableau connector is usable. you can find it and the supporting documentation at TigerGraph Tableau Connector - CData Software


Thank you MaryBeth for your answer, I’ve used Cdata before and Cdata retrieves all data from the graph, but I want to retrieve the resulting data from the query through the endpoint URL. I saw on the web dev community tigergraph that one of the ways to connect tigergraph and tableau using Tigergraph JDBC drivers. I have downloaded the JDBC file but I didn’t know the next configuration steps

HI @dhotachin We do not have a user guide for using the TigerGraph JDBC driver for connecting with Tableau but this is great feedback on something that we should consider for our documentation.