How do I get Catalog information using query in Graph Studio

I am trying to get information about all Vertex/edges which is possible in gsql shell using LS command but I could not find any query/inbuild function in graphStudio which can provide all catalog information for Graph Schema.
It would be great if someone can provide guidance.

@Ankita_Jain You can also fetch catalog information from the built-in rest endpoints. Built-in Endpoints :: Docs

There isn’t the equivalent of LS in graph studio due to you being able to visually examine the schema in GraphStudio. However I can relay this request to the product team.

Can you explain the benefits of having the equivalent of LS in GraphStudio? Are you looking to see a text based version of the schema? Are you looking to convert the visual schema into code directly?

Thanks @Jon_Herke , we are trying to count number of vertices on each Vertex. we can do it by initializing each Vertex and then using Accum for each Vertex but that would be cumbersome and if any new vertex is added in future in graph schema, we have to keep updating our code. so we are trying to see if there is any way to get list of all VertexName dynamically first and then perform SumAccum in loop manner for all of them.