How could i use "in" operators in parameters Filter

In section Advanced Parameters for /graph/{graph_name}/vertices and /graph/{graph_name}/edges

Filter has six comparison operators:
= ,!= ,> , >= , < , <=

Could i use “in” operators in parameters Filter.
i want do query like: select * from A where id in [c,d,e];
so how can i deal with it by using restpp?

Looking forward to your reply.


You can do a where with IN like this:
SELECT v FROM posts:v WHERE v.subject IN (“Graph”, “tigergraph”)

Using of IN operator over REST is not possible, but you can use a workaround using the query filter:


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OK, fine.
Thank you!

in the query filter,every column is combined with “and” operator. Is there an “or” operator?
In addition, does REST support fuzzy query? just like the “like” operator in mysql.

Hi @ackerman,

the best way to do it would be to write a parameterized query, parse the values that you need using input variables and to run it using REST.

The OR operator can be used within WHERE clause.

And the LIKE too:


Fine,Thank you very much!

In the Example : %abc% matches any string which contains the sequence “abc”.
abc is a string. IF i want to write a parameterized query,the abc is a param,How should i use LIKE operator?
%abc%? %{abc}% ? “%abc%”? or other?I see there is no specific example in the document.


try “%” + abc + “%”

I have solved it.
if i use “%” + abc + “%” in select directly like blow, it can not work:

Result = SELECT s FROM Start:s WHERE s.name_cn LIKE “%” + abc + “%”;

But if i do like this, it’ok:

string temp ;
temp = “%”+name+"%";
Result = SELECT s FROM Start:s WHERE s.name_cn LIKE temp;