/gsqlserver/gsql/file API Endpoint (ref'd in PyTigerGraph, PyTigerDriver)

I noticed PyTigerDriver references an endpoint on the 14240 port (/gsqlserver/gsql/file) which is used by the GSQL_Client.query() method. This is stored as an instance variable command_url on the class.

It seems this is where queries from PyTigerGraph.TigerGraphConnection.gsql() end up being directed to that endpoint. I cannot seem to find any documentation on that endpoint in the Built-in Endpoints .

Is there any documentation on this endpoint? It seems to return a non-json-able sting and I would like to return a json object from this endpoint (or another) if possible. I would like to send arbitrary strings of gsql similar to what I can send via a POST request to the /gsqlserver/gsql/file endpoint.

Thank you in advance for any help or references I may be missing

Hi @ryanoley

Thanks for posting this question , yes correct the ( /gsqlserver/gsql/file ) is the endpoint pyTigerGraph and pyTigerDriver use for GSQL code execution .
Could you explain what do you mean by sending arbitrary strings?
Another point is that endpoint is protected so you need to log in first.
As for the documents, that’s an engine “internal” endpoint, no public docs are available for it yet.
let me know if that helps and I’ll be happy to deep dive into more details if you need any.

Thanks @Mohamed_Zrouga for the response, this is very helpful and explains why I did not see anything in the API docs.

What I am looking for is an API endpoint that functions similar to the gsql shell in terms of the gsql you can submit. My application uses a custom python class to send gsql to the db but users have the ability to enter cusom gsql - that is what I meant by “arbitrary” (and could have described better).

The gsql shell allows me to execute something like RUN QUERY ... or CREATE QUERY ... and I am looking for an API endpoint that offers similar functionality/flexibility. The /gsqlserver/gsql/file endpoint seems like it does, except the response is not a json which is what I would (ideally) expect.