Gsql multiple hop error

I use the select statement and multiple hop in graphstudio,the log dsiplay the error:Multi-step or multi-path FROM clause is not supported for attribute update or delete operations.

@wjx1 A few thoughts. Sometime the error message could be thrown due to a statement above the current line 28. Are you performing updates / deletions any where else in the logic. Second thought was around using ā€œPā€ in the very end of the )-P:t. Is this an actual Vertex Type you have defined in your schema?

Also , have you tried it with SYNTAX V2 ?

P is the vertex set of the previous select statement

yes,i statement v2 before start

Is it because attribute values of vertices or edges cannot be changed in multiple hop statement

I found that the two from clauses have the same vertex. If the second clause uses multiple hops and
accum clause changes the vertex or edge attribute value, this error will occur