GraphStudio "User Authentication Failed"

Hi. I am running TigerGraph 3.1.4 Enterprise on an Azure using the TigerGraph image offered on the marketplace. Recently I’ve run into a strange bug where I am unable to log into graph studio. Every time I try the screen simply says “User authentication failed”. Checking the console shows that all GET requests to the address are simply returning: “You are not authorized to use this API”. I have tried restarting the services and I have tried clearing my cache to no avail. Anyone have any ideas on what I could try next?

@max I’m assuming you didn’t make any changes to the GSQL user account and password is that a correct assumption?

Yes. I have also confirmed that the default values are still used via (they work correctly for command lie GSQL).

Hi Max,

Did you enable cookie in your browser?


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Yes. Hadn’t messed with cookie settings before the problem but checked to be on the safe side and they are enabled.