GraphQL Question

I have a question regarding GraphQL and TigerGraph. Can you talk to me about some architect solutions?

Hey @rohanshiva, welcome to our community!

Sure, what would you like to know?


I am basically thinking of building a graphql connector for tiger graph and I was thinking of writing some basic template queries, and I was looking for some advice regarding that. What do you think about this? Is there a better way?

Rohan shiva

I think it’s a great idea!

TigerGraph is RESTApi driven:

Maybe you can check python connector for the beginning:


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It is good idea. I was also looking at this, but wan’t sure how to start. Are you going to embed the connector in Apollo? Or did you have a better idea for doing this?

The problem I am currently thinking about is how to introspect the schema, and map it to something that GraphQL expects. I suspect I am overthinking this however ;).

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Hey thanks for replying.

I am super new to GraphQL, so I am not sure how I am going to do it. I was going to write some generic queries and connect it to my Frontend using Apollo GraphQL.

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I am interested in your idea, Feel free to reach out if you have any (TigerGraph-related technical) question, e.g. on our REST++ API.


At the last event - Graph + AI Summit was demonstrated tool, that is good to use:

Does it available?

It’s definitely a good idea to have a universal API above GraphDB,

  • because now a lot of people have issues with relational DBs (multiple Joins, performance, etc)
  • schema can be exposed directly from DB

Hey @popov-as ,

I thought that my colleagues already provided you with the node.js middleware.
It is basically a node.js app server with some components like graphql, graphql-middleware and graphql-type-json (


Hi @Bruno!

As I see just published new tool - and it works for me as expected,
(publish data from TG to GraphQL, so Northbound systems can consume data as they want and don’t ask backend for new REST point every time)


i am new in graphql and tigergraph . i am using graphql in tg . but i don’t know how to generate url for my graphql query.

@popov-as how did u find the url for ur graphql query